Tuesday 27 December 2011

I Believe (sacredly agnezious)

Dalam depresi keletihan ini, kebosanan ini, depresi ini...mencoba menggali motivasi diri dari beberapa bait lirik ini...harapanku.."semoga ini dapat membantu, setidaknya memberi sugesti postitif untukku, semoga...."

“The Past is the prologue” by Shakespeare
That quote has given me a lot to think,
A lot to do, and a lot to give to this life
I believe that history is not equal to the future, but it could be,

If we don’t change,
If we don’t move from our comfort zones
And start contributing goodness
And perfections in our lives

Everything starts with dreams and visions
And my dream is go (beyond what I think I can)
And to do more than (what it takes)
Unsurprisingly, the road for me to go there (is not always easy)
I’ve been bombarded with struggles and underestimation
As well as (winnings and elevations)

I have gone through
Tiredness, boredom, desperation
Tiredness, boredom, desperation
Tiredness, boredom, desperation

Tears and more tears
But It never breaks me down
No, never, ever
It never breaks me down
Not once, not now, not later

I believe in me
I believe in my dreams
No one can take away from me
If you just within me

Ku percaya diri
Ku percaya mimpi
Semua datang dari hati (yea yea yea yeah)
Harus ku jalani

For those who refuse to be mediocre
But believes in dreams in yourselves
Knowing that someday somehow you’ll make it happen
This album is for you,
If this is dinner this is the appetizer

If this is a program and it just loading
If this is a book this is the front cover
And if this a play this is just the prologue
If this is a life (that will ain’t stop me)

Cause the journey has only just begun
Welcome to my world…!!!


waduhhhh... mesti buka kamus dulu nih :P

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